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  • Can you please share the details of support provided with RMsis license?
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Please refer to the below mentioned points for information regarding RMsis license and support:

  • Support will be provided through e-mail and remote login only. More specifically, on site or on premises support can not be provided.
  • Support requests can be initiated at or mailed to

  • Usage of Optimizory software product is subject to the End User License Agreement (EULA) / Optimizory End User License
    Agreement (EULA)

  • Software maintenance covers access to general support and software product updates for your Optimizory product as per the
    support validity of your license.

  • Support covers technical service requests for implementation and configuration assistance, upgrade assistance, post implementation product issues.

  • Support does not cover the following:

    • Development requests, including custom code development or support for third party plugins.

    • Database integrity or database performance issues, including tuning and optimisation of the database.

    • Network topology or environment issues.

    • Application server issues not directly related to the Optimizory product implementation, configuration or operation.

  • After your software maintenance period expires,

    • you will no longer be able to access support or software updates, including security patches.

    • you should not upgrade your RMsis instance to a new/ later version of RMsis.

  • Renewing your software maintenance is done purely at your discretion, and can be renewed in advance of your maintenance period
    expiration to ensure uninterrupted access to the support services and software and security updates.

  • You can continue to use your software after the active maintenance period expires. However, do keep in mind that software
    maintenance renewals commence from the expiration of the last active software maintenance period.

  • One instance of product will support only one license at any point of time and two or more license cannot be installed on the same
    instance of the product.

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