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  • What to do in case of a failed RMsis installation?
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In few instances, RMsis installation may fail. This can happen due to many reasons, including insufficient resources, network timeout etc.

Here is a recommendation on what to do for a clean installation:

  1. Uninstall RMsis
  2. Stop JIRA
  3. Kill all process related to JIRA / RMsis (they are typically named as Tomcat*, java). This is important because sometimes stopping JIRA does not terminate all the processes.
  4. Download latest stable version of RMsis to your machine (just to eliminate the possibility of UPM timeout while downloading)
  5. Restart JIRA
  6. Install latest stable version of RMsis .
If the above resolution doesn't work for you, then please share the log files with to investigate this issue further. Log files are located as follows
  1. Application Server Logs: These logs files are generally located in logs folder of your application server. e.g. In case of Apache Tomcat, it is located in <CATALINA_HOME>/logs/ folder.
  2. JIRA Logs: These are located at <JIRA_HOME>/logs/ folder.
  3. RMsis Logs: These are located at <JIRA_HOME>/rmsis/logs/ folder.

In case RMsis fails to start after installation, please refer to the following section: RMsis fails to start after configuration - possible causes and solutions

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