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We are migrating our existing service to which was earlier running on This guide will help you understand the impact of this migration on your testing activities.

Last Date of Migration: 12th March 2021

Brief Summary:

In your eco-system, wherever you are using the older vREST base URL which is then you will need to update it to And also you will need to update our supported modules (Chrome Extension and vrunner) which were earlier connected to automatically. For more details, see the section "Migration Impact" below.

As of now, both sites and are working in parallel. So you should be able to migrate to easily without any issue. After 12th March 2021, will no longer serve the vREST Cloud service. So, we recommend you migrate to before that. There is no functional change in the migration process.

Migration Impact:

  1. Change in Authorization Callback:

    1. If you are using any kind of authorizations like OAuth 1.0 and/or OAuth 2.0 in your test cases then you will need to update the vREST callback URL.
    2. In your configured callback URL, replace `` with ``. 
      1. If your older OAuth2.0 Callback URL is
      2. Then it will be changed to the following callback URL:
  2. Change in Mock Server Base URL:

    1. If you are using vREST Mock APIs then you will need to change the Mock Server Base URL.

      1. If your older Mock Server base URL is<instance_name>/m/<project_key>

      2. then it will be changed to the following base URL:<instance_name>/m/<project_key>

  3. Update Chrome Extension for Test Case Recording:

    1. If you are recording test cases via our chrome extension then you will need to update our chrome extension to version 1.2.9 or later.
    2. For more information, read our guide on how you may update the vREST chrome extension.

  4. Update the vrunner module for command-line execution of API tests:
    1. If you are using the vrunner module to run your API tests on the command line or with any CI/CD server, then you will need to update the vrunner module to version 0.4.4 or later.
    2. The updated vrunner module will use the new cloud vREST base URL ( automatically.
    3. Also, for the command `url` option, start the URL with "".

If you need any help or if you are facing any issues in this website migration then contact us at

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