Bitbucket is popular for it's services and it stands out among other version control repository hosting services because of Bitbucket Pipelines. Bitbucket Pipelines is an Integrated Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration feature for Bitbucket Cloud. (See Bitbucket Pipelines).

If you are using some other Continuous Integration Server, you can integrate vREST with that easily similar to Jenkins, TeamCity etc. If you face any issues then do let us know by dropping an email to

vREST can also be integrated with Bitbucket Pipelines using vrunner (command-line utility for running vREST Test Cases). So, following are the steps to configure vrunner into Bitbucket Pipelines.

Step 3: Creating bitbucket-pipelines.yml

Step 3: Running Pipelines

Step 4: Test Reports Generation on Failure

That is all for vREST's integration with Bitbucket Pipelines. If you have any issues, then feel free to contact us on the Customer Support.