Deploying RMsis on JIRA Server

RMsis installation is essentially in two parts

The entire sequence of installation process is elaborated below:

Step 1 : Install using JIRA Universal Plugin Manager

Step 2 : Configure RMsis Home Page

Step 3 : Configure RMsis Database

  1. RMsis Database must be different from JIRA Database.
  2. You can use different database types for JIRA and RMsis e.g. MySQL for JIRA and Postgres for RMsis.
  3. See database setup page for more details:

Step 3.2 : Test Database Configuration

Step 4 : Configure Mail

Step 4.1 : Enter Mail Configuration

Step 4.2 : Test Mail Configuration

Once the Mail Configuration is entered, user has an option to test

Step 5 :Server Settings

After configuring reverse proxy, RMsis will use the proxy base url as: <Proxy Scheme>://<Proxy Host Name>:<Proxy Port>/rm
Note : If RMsis is configured using reverse proxy, additional command line arguments for reverse proxy scheme, hostname, and port will be displayed with RMsis process.

Step 6 : Deploy RMsis

Re-Initializing RMsis Configuration

In case, you wish to re-initialize RMsis installation (due to some reason), please follow the following steps:

  1. Login into JIRA with administrator account.
  2. Click on RMsis (on JIRA Menu Bar) > RMsis Configuration
  3. In order to completely Reset the RMsis configuration  

  • Making a change in configuration can lead to loss of data.
  • Please make sure that you have noted the current settings and have taken backup of Database.