Defining Custom Attributes for Test Cases and Test Steps

Custom Field Attributes

A custom field has the following attributes:

Custom Field Operations

The following operations can be performed on this table:
  • Add Custom Field
    • A new custom field can be created by clicking on the first row of the table under the "Custom Field Name" column labeled "< Enter new Custom Field >".

Deleting a Custom Field Option

A custom field option can be deleted by clicking on the Field Option and subsequently on the Delete Icon shown against the option. In case the option is already associated with an entity, the following dialogue box appears, which enables the user to specify an alternative option for all the linked entities.

Context Menu is accessible by right clicking on any table row. Operations defined in context menu will be performed on that row.

Status Computation Rules

RMsis provides an option to automatically compute the status of a Test Case, based on the statuses of it's Test Steps.

The rules can be specified as a set in the following format

Auto Compute Test Case State

When this option is enabled, the status of test cases within a test run will be automatically computed based on their test steps status when the test step window is closed.

Search within Test Steps 

Configuring Mail Notifications

Mail Notifications can be configured for

and are sent to

Linking of auto-generated Issues with Requirements